Balloon (2017) is the latest of horror films that Kollywood is fond of repeatedly producing. Jeeva (Jai) is an aspiring filmmaker, who sets out to Ooty to study a supposedly haunted house there for inspiration to a script he is writing. His wife (Anjali), young nephew and two friends (Yogi BabuKarthik Yogi) join him on the quest. Soon they encounter strange happenings in the resort they stay – later one by one the family members get possessed by ghosts. A local pastor informs them that the haunted house belongs to a balloon seller who had committed suicide. How the ghosts fulfil their wishes using the family is what Balloon was about.

I liked the first half, with the film starting from the present and not going into the flashback or the love story of the lead couple. Yogi Babu, succeeds in many places to make you laugh -but after some time, it gets repetitive. And that was the problem with the film in total. The second half was predictable and boring. The background story of the dead couple – Jai and Janani Iyer, was a poorly made excuse just so that they can come as ghosts later.

Overall, Balloon is exactly the same horror film that you have seen many times – the only difference was the haunted place is a small house and not a bungalow.

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