After the successful release of Pichaikkaran (2016), Vijay Antony has earned the reputation of selecting well the stories for his films. With his recent Annadurai (2017), he has missed the beat.

The film opens with a hero introduction for Annadurai (Vijay Antony)  – who is a drunkard saving the modesty and life of a girl kidnapped by five men. The next day, the girl (Mahima) falls in love with Annadurai, who turns her away saying his heart belongs to his Ester who is buried in the cemetery. This is not the only girl who loves Annadurai, we later see the next heroine – Chitra   (Jewel Mary) too proposing to Annadurai. The reasons were given by each of them to prefer Annadurai feels like a rehash from 1980 films – unconvincing. Anyways, Annadurai has a twin brother Thambidurai, a school teacher (Physical trainer) who gets engaged to Revathi (Diana Champika) who is also from the same town. Annadurai borrows money from a local rowdy, who is the right-hand man to town Chairman, who is the right-hand man to local MLA – you got the idea on the chain of villains, didn’t you? Due to an unfortunate incident, Annadurai goes to jail and that inverts the life of their whole family.

The film is not bad but didn’t have anything that was memorable.

Vijay Antony has put zero effort to differentiate the two brothers’ characters, there is no necessity for it too from the story. I fail to understand, why Tamil heroes have to be portrayed as submissive to a dominant female when it comes to a proposal.

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