I saw the film Kaashmora (காஷ்மோரா) starring Karthi in double roles only now, thanks to Amazon Prime Video.

Kaashmora (played by Karthi) is a self-proclaimed ghost-hunter, who along with his family cheats people by claiming to possess spiritual powers. The film starts with Kaashmora curing a bungalow of the evil spirits that has haunted the place; it turns out to a trick, similarly was Kaashmora’s appearance on TV claiming to bring spirits on stage. Kaashmora performs his trickery so well that people get fooled and he becomes very famous and wealthy. This fame leads him to become the “guru” to a wealthy minister. The minister expecting an Income Tax raid hides all his money and documents in Kaashmora’s ashram. The entire family of Kaashmora runs away with the ill gotten wealth, but unfortunately, find themselves kidnapped and locked inside an abandoned palace that is being haunted for real. How the family escapes from this, forms rest of the film.

I liked the first half of the film which was humorous, especially Actor Vivek’s performance appearing as Kaashmora’s father, along with “Jangiri” Madhumitha as Kaashmora’s sister. The second half of the film which was the flashback on why the palace is haunted and how Kaashmora wins over the ghosts, felt amateurish with its computer graphics and boring. The introduction scene of the palace many centuries ago, where the camera zooms into the eye of a giant eagle statue, inside which we find soldiers drumming battle cry was a good imagination. For the most part after the family entering the palace the film was a treacherous watch. The only saving grace was the part by sensual Nayantara, who has done her sword wielding scenes expertly. Karthi has given his best to differentiate between his two roles – as a commoner, and as the villain who is a centuries old dead warrior with supernatural powers, we need to appreciate his hard work for that.

Overall, Kaashmora is a good attempt by Director Gokul.

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