You can’t choose your family members, and you can do little about the choices they make in their life; but as a family, if you stick together and love them, there is a good chance it will all work out in the end. And that’s what Little Miss Sunshine (2006) is all about. According to Wikipedia the film grossed over $100 Million in revenue and won two Academy Awards for best original screenplay and best supporting actor.

The film has a simple storyline. It is about how a family of 5 + 1, each having a different personality, get to bond together over a long road trip. Richard Hoover is a businessman trying to sell his self-improvement course – “Nine” step to winning. He and his wife Sheryl Hoover have two children and Richard’s father, a fun loving character lives with them. Sheryl brings her gay brother who is a professor, to live with them after a failed suicide attempt. The two children are different personalities – the elder son Dwayne at 14 wants to become a fighter pilot and vowed to not speaking till he achieves his dream, the younger daughter Olive at 7 is a cute little girl who dreams of becoming a beauty queen. Olive gets a chance to enter a kids beauty contest in California, for which the family decides to drive down in a yellow Microbus from New Mexico. The entire film is what happens on the road trip and whether Olive got to participate in the contest.

What makes the film interesting are the individual scenes and dialogues – nothing elaborate, just natural and what is likely to be spoken in every family. This film is a feel-good watch!


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