Ivan Thanthiran (2017) starring Gautham Karthik as Sakthi and Shraddha Srinath as Asha, should have been a lot more interesting film. The story is about how a corrupt Human-Resources Minister causes undue sufferings to the education of thousands of engineering college student across the state. The film had a good premise, but due to an uninspiring screenplay falls short of its potential.

Sakthi is a talented technology wizard, who runs a electronics shop in Ritchie Street along with another college dropout and his friend Balaji (RJ Balaji). Due to a chance happening they get to expose the Minister’s corruption and as a result, face the wrath of the minister and his gang. The comedy between Gautham Karthik & RJ Balaji works many of the times. On screen, RJ Balaji has an opinion about everything and at times it becomes tiresome listening to his lengthy dialogues. I found little chemistry on screen between the lead pair – Gautham & Shraddha.

The film shows Sakthi coming up and using various spy gadgets, most of them like a tracking chip on a currency note and a tiny scanner that can be fixed on roads are unrealistic but nevertheless, Director R. Kannan seems to have got the underlying technical jargons like “Onion” router correctly.

Overall, a movie that you don’t need to watch.

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