I am not a fan of war movies, especially I avoid World War II books and movies. First, most war films leave you depressed or helpless. Second, for some (even maybe stupid) reason, I feel the exposure WWII gets in media somehow trivialises other tragic conflicts that happened around the world like in Vietnam, India-Pakistan and ongoing in middle-east.

The reason I was in a theatre watching a WWII movie – Dunkirk was because of director Christopher Nolan. For that, I was rewarded with a great movie that made me thankful to human kindness and hope for the future. The story is simple, on the beaches of Dunkirk in France, 400,000 British troops are trapped. Unable to go home which across the English channel is just a few tens of miles, due to constant aerial bombing; and unable to go inland due to heavy German troops trenched in, they are sitting ducks who are desperately trying to reach home.

Dunkirk is different from previous Nolan‘s film which many times have timelines jumbled. Here Nolan shows us slices of what’s happening now – 3 British pilots try to shoot down German bombers to give relief for the retreat; A civilian yacht coming from safe shores of Britain to Dunkirk just to bring home as many soldiers as it can; and the action that happens in the beaches (mole) of Dunkirk. It is intense storytelling, limiting itself to these 3 happenings. There is no background of the war, no politicians shown, in fact, not even a single enemy (German) soldier gets to be seen clearly in the film.

Don’t miss the film and try to watch it in IMAX.

Update: As of January 2020, the film is available on Netflix India.

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