Some scripts are best made in the form of short films, Dora (2017) starring Nayanthara is an example of one such script which feels overstretched as a feature film. Pavalakkodi (Nayanthara) is a young lady living with her father Vairakannu (Thambi Ramaiah) who are living off his pension income. For a seemingly trivial issue during a visit to her aunt’s house, Pavalakkodi challenges to start a call-taxi service and buys a vintage car. The vintage car is possessed by the spirit of a dead who is determined to revenge the 3 murderers. The by-line Pavalakkodi creates for the taxi service is the silliest marketing slogan I have heard in recent years. A bit more thought on this and in the characterisation of Pavalakkodi would’ve established her strong personality, without which the screenplay turns to be comic when she turns to become a determined killer who takes on state’s police force.

The Director has bet the entire film on the stardom value of Nayanthara, and has left out making an entertaining film. Apart from her, the film has two other characters – Thambi Ramaiah and Harish Uthaman, as a Police Inspector Harish keeps smoking and doing nothing else useful.

Even Nayanthara fans can skip the trip with this Dora.

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