Much delayed Vishal starrer Kaththi Sandai got released today, a yet another Robin hood style picture. Arjun (Vishal) falls in love for Divya (Tamannaah), with the help of local comedy don Deva (Soori) he succeeds in winning her heart. Divya’s brother is Deputy Commissioner of Police (Jagapati Babu) who is a well known crime buster, did he accept Arjun as his brother in law and how Arjun fights the bad guys to win for his cause is rest of the film. We see hundreds of crores in cash being confiscated, stolen, but having seen more cash after demonetization on television the “reel” cash looks ordinary.

The first half is Vishal courting Tamannaah and Soori’s comedy; second half is were Vadivelu makes his comeback in Tamil film after many years. As Dr.Bhootri, Vadivelu has tried his best to make us laugh succeeding in few instances otherwise his sequences reminding us mostly of his past films. Between the two – Soori & Vadivelu it is the former who has got the larger role. Vishal does fight scenes well but he gets limited scope in the film. Tamannaah has done her role well.

The climax feels out of place with rest of the film, a hotchpotch attempt by Director Suraj to deliver too many messages in one film. Kaththi Sandai can be watched just for Vadivelu & Soori.

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