Hotel GRT Grand’s in T.Nagar (Chennai) used to be known for it’s Indian Restaurant Copper Point, I have enjoyed eating here few times. Over the years it lost its sheen to newer restaurants. Recently after the Chennai Floods the Hotel has been completely refurbished and “Copper Point” has become “J.Hind”. Initially I thought it was just a rebranding exercise but from the minute I entered the place I know this was a new avatar. From the interiors, wall paintings to dishes everything was new. You could see a clear focus by the chef for visual presentation of the food and an effort on entertaining the customer and not on just feeding them.

They have a set meal plan where they present you with Soup, Starters, Main Course and Desert in a pre-defined plan which can be customised by you. I was in the restaurant today with my wife and kid, we decided to go À la carte. Starting with a vegetarian soup (seen above in this page) which was followed with a vegetarian starter platter that had 5 varieties of dishes.


Paneer, Broccoli, Potato starters

We kept simple our main course with an Iranian style Roti, Paratha, Bhindi Fry and one other curry. The highlight of the evening was the Desert. The server recommended we try the Masala Chai Ice Cream. This was prepared in the table by the chef for us, right from preparation of the tea decoction mixing it with Ginger essence mixing it with vanilla ice cream and instantly cooling it with Liquid Nitrogen – it was a visual treat to watch the preparation.

Bhindi fry

Bhindi fry

Overall, we enjoyed the dining experience in new J.Hind.

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