Few days back The Hindu Metroplus carried an article about a food stall in Lloyd’s Road, that’s serving a different south India Chat. Being an amateur foodie, I was intrigued, today I went along with wife and tasted their delicacies. The food stall is called “Salem Thattuvadai Settu Kadai”, it’s run in a wooden wagon. You will find it anchored in front of Groceteria Super Market near D.A.V. Girls School.

Salem Thattuvadai Settu Kadai

Salem Thattuvadai Settu Kadai

The stall sells about half a dozen variety of items, each vary in the toppings over Thattai, a Rice based fried crispy snack. Wife ordered a Norrukal (crushed snack) at ~Rs.40 that was Thattai & Murukku crushed & mixed with plenty of cut vegetables (beetroot, carrot, onion) making it appear and taste like Bhel Puri. I ordered a Garlic Thattuvadai for Rs.40,  which was a sandwich of two Thattai’s with a chutney paste and cut vegetables (beetroot, carrot, onion, garlic) in between them. The chat items are prepared in front of you, delicately by the stall owner and they tasted heavenly.

தட்டு வடை சேட்டுக் கடை - சேலத்துக்கே சேட்டை

தட்டு வடை சேட்டுக் கடை – சேலத்துக்கே சேட்டை

Next time you are in the area check them out.

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