The last iPad I got was in August 2012 and it was an iPad3. After a while, wife and son took over the iPad and I gladly agreed as I got myself a Microsoft Surface Pro in April 2013. Surface Pro with Windows8 is a great device combining productivity and consumption, but it excels as a laptop. I was missing my iPad especially the vast number of apps that are available only in iPad (or Samsung tablets). So when Apple announced their new iPad Air 2 I immediately ordered it. Nowadays I prefer buying devices locally in India (it may take a month or so to be available here, but that’s fine) due to the advantage of local warranty and the price being only marginally higher. This time a friend of mine was coming from USA so I ordered it online and got him to bring it to me.

My new iPad Air2

My new iPad Air2

I got the top end model with Cellular connection and I went for the gold, I like it.

  • Personalized iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi + Cellular 128GB – Gold – US$829
  • AppleCare+ for iPad – US$99

When I held the device I was really impressed  with its light weight and thinner profile, both were surprisingly noticeable from iPad3. I have decided against putting a case for this beautiful creation, it will be a shame to hide. After using the device for some time, the highlights for me was Fingerprint login (accurate and effortless) and the crystal clear audio (speakers produce unbelievable sound for such a thin device). The killer feature for me in iOS7 & iOS8 is the availability of Tamil (my mother tongue) keyboard layouts out of box – both Anjal and Tamil99 (which I am using nowadays).

Tamil99 keyboard layout in iPad Air2 (iOS8)

Tamil99 keyboard layout in iPad Air2 (iOS8)

Update 29/January/2015:

I was using the device without any casing, it looked gorgeous that way, but I was getting worried (needlessly) whether I will scratch the back or break the glass by dropping. So I sourced from USA the original leather full cover Smart case from Apple for $79. The case is unbelievably thin and lightweight, which only Apple can design & produce.


Apple iPad Air 2 Smart case – See the Apple logo on the back


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