G.Sankaranarayanan, a speaker and author is known to me for more than a decade now. As a former journalist he has a deep understanding of the Indian market and the challenges faced by Indian enterprises in reaching their message to their consumers. People keep talking about moving out of urban sprawls and taking businesses to towns of India and to their native places; Sankar has walked his talk on this and has build a successful consulting business “younomy” based of Rajapalaiyam town in Tamil Nadu. Sankar publishes a popular newsletter through which every week he writes on a management/business tip told through a humorous story.

Last week he invited me for a book release event and I gladly accepted it knowing well the quality of his works.  The event was to release his new book “Facebook, Twitter and a Pair of Shoes” (review later), which talks about social business and co-creation of value by businesses using social media.

Today when he told me to come to Ashok Leyland’s head office in Chennai I was a bit puzzled on the choice of venue for the book launch. Then I was hit by a  surprise, I was to receive the first copy of the book from Ashok Leyland’s Managing Director Mr.Vinod K.Dasari, a leader who has taken the iconic Indian automobile firm to new heights. The event went of well and both myself & Sankar over a coffee got time with Vinod to chat about various industry trends, who turned out to be a confident leader yet humble.

All the best Sankar for the success of the book.



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