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Microsoft Store, Bellevue Square mall

I am visiting Microsoft Store in Bellevue Square mall. I am here to buy the new Surface Type Cover v2 for my Surface Pro.

Bellevue Microsoft Store 3

In the store two items caught my attention, one was the 3D Printer and the other was GAEMS Vanguard Personal Gaming Environment which was a mobile gaming station. The 3D Printer was a compact desktop unit called MakerBot Replicator 2 costing $2199!

Bellevue Microsoft Store 4

GAEMS is like a briefcase, it has provided to snap your XBOX 360 gaming console, a 19” LCD display, speakers, placeholders for XBOX controllers, basically everything you need to play on the go. It costs $349

Bellevue Microsoft Store 5

Unfortunately, Microsoft Store didn’t have any stock of Surface Type Cover 2, I could just try out the demo piece, it’s not available online as well. Later I managed to buy one (seen below) from Best Buy, Bellevue. Type cover 2 has backlit, full soft texture finish and this time I went with violet colour instead of the black one I have currently.

Bellevue Best Buy Surface Type Cover 2