I saw this movie in Satyam cinemas today (Night Show) with my family. I didn’t expect that many families or kids for a Night show, boy I was wrong. Nearly 40% of audience seated were comprised by them & the hall was full.

This movie “Raja Rani” starring Arya, Nayantara & Jai was much expected for its comedy and modern story telling by Director Atlee. The film turned out to be pretty run of the mill, a combination of Mouna Ragam, Alaipayuthey & Rhythm.

While the two flashbacks were enjoyable, the present day life & love between Arya & Nayantara doesn’t seem to be coming out convincingly. None of the songs were rememberable. Jai looks much younger than Nayantara, the cast could have been different. The mystery with Jai’s suicide is unraveled in the climax, but you may have guessed it before, as a result his character comes out weak. Satyaraj has done a fine job with his mature acting. Overall, a fun movie to watch with family.

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