The last Woody Allen film I saw was Midnight in Paris, today I watched his 2009 movie “Whatever Works”.  The film’s protagonist is a retired Quantum Physics professor who makes his living now by teaching children how to play chess. He considers himself to be a genius, living in New York with his small circle of friends is someone who enjoys complaining about life, society and the human race in general. As fate will have it, a runaway girl ends up living in his house, they get married and her parents come to visit them. Each of the characters has its own baggage of life. The movie is about how it all untangles and solves itself.

The first half goes well, but the last 15 minutes of the film feels like it is all rushed up. Everyone’s life suddenly falls in place, and it is an all happy ending.

A 5/10 is what I will give the movie.

Whatever works (2009)

Whatever works (2009) – Larry David & Evan Rachel Wood

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