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Tamil Internet Conference 2013

After the Tamil Internet Conference 2010, I took a long break due to my other commitments. This year for TI2013 at Kuala Lumpur on invitation from the organizers I presented two guest lectures.

Venkatarangan Talk in Tamil Internet Confernce 2013

When I started my first talk (the time slot was fixed at last moment) I was pleasantly surprised to find Prof.M.Anandakrishnan seated in the first row listening eagerly to my talk, I felt honoured.

Talk 1: Publishing apps to Windows 8 & Windows Phone 8 stores
Windows8 and WP8 are a strong #3 player in the fast growing Tablet & SmartPhone marketplace. Unlike traditional Windows, Apps for Windows 8 and WP8 can be distributed only through Microsoft Official Appstore. This requires the Language App developer to understand these stores and their nuances which could be different from familiar iTunes or Google Play. The talk will also introduce listeners to the new Microsoft Office 365 Marketplace & XBOX One and why you should care about them

Slide-deck 1 and Slide-deck 2

Talk 2: கணினி மேக வீதியில் தமிழ் ஊர்வலம்
Language computing has moved beyond computer science algorithms and language research. It is about empowering users to live their dreams to  full potential. In this new “devices” world it is all about the services running in the cloud. In this talk we will explore the current state of some of these services and level of  their Tamil enablement.


My good friend and former INFITT Chairman Mr.Muthu Nedumaran (Malaysia) presenting me with a memento (below).

16August2013-TI2013 Malaysia (9)

One of the talks I enjoyed listening was by Mr.Bemby B. Narendra from Aksara Bali team of Bali islands. The talk was about how they got Balinese script into Unicode (details here) purely on voluntary effort without any organization/governmental help. The script’s resemblance at various levels to Indic scripts showed on a casual look, the close ties that India & Indonesia had in pre-colonial days.

Bali script in unicode

As an introduction to the Bali script talk, Muthu Nedumaran gave an introduction lecture on the landscape of scripts used by major Languages of Indian subcontinent and their similarity and differences, I got to learn a lot from these two talks.

Indian Languages and Scripts

I enjoyed the opportunity to meet with old friends & academic stalwarts from around the world. Its a pleasure to meet them face to face and have some thought-provoking discussions over a coffee on various items