Saw this weekend this talked about Tamil movie “நேரம்”.  The story is a commonly seen one, but what was different for recent days Tamil cinema was how it was told. It is about a young man’s struggle to win in his love and get a job while handling a loan shark. The writer has taken an approach of telling the story from a Good Time/Bad Time perspective, the role luck can play in one’s life.

Both the Hero (Nivin Pauly) and Heroine (Nazriya Nazim) have donned their roles well. Beating them were the performance of the supporting characters – The Police officer by John Vijay, Heroine’s father character by Thambi Ramaiah and Moneylender வட்டி ராஜா (Bobby Simha). All of them have acted naturally. For the story writer and Director Alphonse Putharen, this is debut movie and he has done a good job.

Though at places the movie felt a bit dragged, I enjoyed it overall.


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