Today I went to T.Nagar shopping area near Motilal street to see a well known Sanskrit scholar. In a hurry to reach on time, I didn’t notice I was parking my new car (Maruti SX4) in a No Parking zone in Dhandapani Street,Chennai. When I came back to the car after the meeting, I was shocked to see the car wheel clamped by Traffic Police. They had left a note in the windshield with a mobile number to call. Calling the number the tow-truck and the cop came to the spot in about 10 minutes and collected the fine of about Rs.500. The whole episode got done quickly and was cordial.

Though I regretted the fine due to my careless mistake, I felt good that the police was doing their duty. How many times I have felt bad about our Cops when they don’t punish wrong-doers.

Car wheel clamped

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