I don’t sport a beard, the 3 day stubble is the maximum I like my facial hair to grow. I will keep them shaved off every 3-4 days, except for my moustache. Been using the manual Gillette Razors (currently Fusion with 5 blades) all these years, quite comfortable with them and haven’t tried any of the motorized shavers.

I have been sporting a “natural” moustache for last two decades, which is around the time I joined my college. You see a photo of yours truly below with Moustache during a college vacation to Ooty:

SVCE ECE1996 Batch College Trips Ooty

Maintaining the moustache to the correct length (I like it to be trimmed medium length, say 2 or 3 mm) is always tricky. I am no good at doing this with scissors, using which I invariably trim it too much at one side. Which will leave me no choice but to shave it off fully and wait for few days for it to grow again. Hence, I leave the job to professionals at the beauty saloon to do it monthly once where I go just for a shave even if I don’t need a hair-cut so that I can get my moustache trimmed to right size. Of course, this has the disadvantage of making me carry a moustache that’s grown unwieldy at the fag-end of the month or during long travels.

Recently when shopping in Spencer Plaza Lifestyle, I noticed they carried a variety of motorized beard trimmers from Philips. And there was a salesman handy who explained various models. He helped me choose this basic model costing about Rs.1200 which will solve my problem of Moustache maintenance. It was a Philips QT4019 3 Day Beard Trimmer, works cordless and charges worldwide. I have been using it for last few weeks and pleased with the results. Try it out, if you too have a moustache problem.


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