The Dictator” starring Sacha Baron Cohen is a satirical comedy. It is about a Dictator of a North African Country who is doing all he can to prevent Democracy to come to his country, to do that he travels to USA in disguise and his adventures there. The film (where a Royal lives amongst commoners) reminded me of a Tamil Film “My Dear Marthandan” which itself is a remake of Eddie Murphy film “Coming to America

Though the storyline of “The Dictator” sounds interesting, the movie turned out to be a disappointment. Even for a comedy movie, some of the scenes were vulgar and degrading.

Overall I didn’t like the movie and I wish I didn’t see it!

Update 2020: It is available in Netflix.

The Dictator (2012) by Sacha Baron Cohen

The Dictator (2012) by Sacha Baron Cohen

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