I went to terrace of my house in the evening today with my new Nikon D7000 & Tripod, managed to take these two photos of life in Chennai around my house.

Autorichshaws a.k.a. Autos are life pulse of Chennai, they are everywhere. Everyone who rides them hates the exorbitant unregulated rates they charge, but you can’t be in Chennai without using them. They are convenient with no parking hassles

Autorickshaws are Chennai's life pulse

Roadside eateries like the one below are called கையேந்தி பவன் (Kaiyendhi bhavan meaning Handheld eateries) and they are in many street corners of Chennai. They serve piping hot Biryani’s, Snacks, Idlis & Dosais – the variety is huge, from strict vegetarian food to meat, chicken & fish items. There are some famous one’s where even the wealthy come for their unique taste. Take usual caution of eating in an open/street side kitchen.

Roadside eateries all around Chennai

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