The French film was subtitled in English as “The Kid with a bike”. The story is about a 12-year-old boy (Cycil) who is abandoned by his father to foster home. The boy is hell-bent on tracing his father and his bike that went with this father. While forcing his way into his old apartment, Cycil happens to bump into a stranger – the local hair dresser (Samantha). Samantha buys Cycil’s bike back from a person to whom Cycil’s father had sold it before he left the area. Samantha then takes Cycil into her home in weekends and a bond of affection develops between them. They trace Cycil’s dad who categorically says he doesn’t Cycil back. In the meanwhile, Cycil falls into bad company with neighbourhood anti-law elements & commits a theft. Cycil realises his mistake, turns calm and the movie ends with all going well.

The cycle (bike) is the only possession Cycil has, it gives him comfort and he holds on to it with his life. It comes throughout the movie, hence the title for the movie.

The movie has few characters but all of them have done their part naturally and convincingly, you are literally transported to the small town where Cycil lives. No vulgarity or exaggerations. A must see movie of 2011.


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