Few days back I watched in one of the movie channels, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. This 1989 movie has all the big names in the industry, Steven Spielberg as the Director, Harrison Ford as the protagonist and the legendary “James Bond” Sean Connery.  The action movie of those days was fun to watch. The story was all about the search into the Holy Grail taking into Nazi’s Germany and many places over middle-east.

It was nice to see Airships (Zeppelin) as a mode of transport, I never knew that Airships were used big time in 1930s by Germany and even for trans-Atlantic flights. Somehow I thought Airships were more demo vehicles and before they became mainstream the Hindenburg disaster happened.

The special effects in the movie like the hidden bridge and the tank looked funny now but according to Wikipedia took look of effort in those days without much Computer Graphics. Kudos to them.

indianajones and last crusade

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