Ordering cut vegetables in Chennai

The other day my mother showed me this article in 20.11.2011 issue of Kalki Tamil Magazine. The article talked about a former software engineer Mr.Venkatesan starting a business to sell Vegetables & Fruits through Web & Telephone ordering. His wife Mrs.Nirmala had given this idea for him when he was wondering what to do after he had a salary cut in his job at HP . Now the company they started Veggi Bazaar is doing several hundred transactions a day and they even deliver to employees working at large firms in their office lobby itself.


After reading about this, I ordered some vegetables (both cut and uncut) and some fruits yesterday through the web, the price seemed reasonable. They got delivered today in neatly packaged, sealed boxes for cut vegetables/fruits and they collected cash on delivery. The items were fresh and tasty, certified so by my mother herself!


My best wishes for great success for this entrepreneur couple.


  • radhika

    Haven’t you considered the disadvantages of buying pre-cut vegetables?
    1) Pre-cut veggies have a bigger carbon footprint as they require larger amounts of energy for packing, processing, transportation, during display, and after purchase. Even their packing material adds more garbage and contributes to pollution.
    2) Pre-cut vegetables are easily contaminated and pass on bacteria such as E. coli, salmonella and listeria that cause food allergies and illnesses.
    3) Pre-cut veggies and fruits are definitely costlier than whole vegetables and fruits. Why pay more just for the small convenience of not cutting if you’re still the one to clean the packed cut vegetables and cook?
    4) Pre-cut veggies lose their nutrition value: When a vegetable or fruit is cut, its nutrients begin to degrade. Cutting through cell walls stops the movement of nutrients such as vitamin C, folate, and beta carotene. The longer the vegetables stay on shelf after being cut, the more these nutrients decompose. So by the time you buy a packet of pre-cut vegetables, take it home and cook its contents, what you end up eating are vegetables with less or no nutrition. Though pre-cut veggies are specially packed to prevent some of this decomposition, they lose about most of their vitamin C after eight hours.
    So the healthiest option is to take the time to slice our vegetables and fruits. Don’t you agree?

  • R V RAO

    dear sri venkataranran, pl let me know how to order on phone . our resi. is at abhiramapuram close to st marys church or mandaveli mrta stn thanks R V RAO