The other day my mother showed me this article in 20.11.2011 issue of Kalki Tamil Magazine. The article talked about a former software engineer Mr.Venkatesan starting a business to sell Vegetables & Fruits through Web & Telephone ordering. His wife Mrs.Nirmala had given this idea for him when he was wondering what to do after he had a salary cut in his job at HP . Now the company they started Veggi Bazaar is doing several hundred transactions a day and they even deliver to employees working at large firms in their office lobby itself.


After reading about this, I ordered some vegetables (both cut and uncut) and some fruits yesterday through the web, the price seemed reasonable. They got delivered today in neatly packaged, sealed boxes for cut vegetables/fruits and they collected cash on delivery. The items were fresh and tasty, certified so by my mother herself!


My best wishes for great success for this entrepreneur couple.

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