There are tons of cool stuffs for Silverlight 4 that are being shown in Day 2 keynote of PDC ‘09 and in the SL4 overview talk by Karen Corby. I am amazed at the speed in which the Silverlight team in Microsoft has been able to churn out releases at rapid pace – SL 1 in Nov ‘07, SL 2 in Oct ‘08, SL 3 in Jun ‘09 and SL 4 Beta in Oct ‘09.

The main features of Silverlight 4 that caught my attention are:

  1. Access to Webcam, Microphone and other devices like Digital Camera
  2. Print Preview and direct Print support
  3. UDP Multicast, very useful for organization wide network distribution of live video
  4. Authorization support in client HTTP Stack (NTLM, Basic and Digest)
  5. Same .NET compiled code runs in SL 4 and .NET 4
  6. Offline DRM play support
  7. Drag/Drop, Clipboard support
  8. Audio and video local recording capabilities capture RAW video without requiring server interaction
  9. Embed a HTML control including a Flash control inside that HTML, all usable from Brush
  10. Styles support
  11. RichtextArea control and better internalization text support

Microsoft Silverlight 4 Demo