I have been using the default Audio system (Alphine) that came with my Honda city for last few years, I have done no customization or fitted any other accessory to the car. Unfortunately, the Alphine default system (Car Stereo) doesn’t support USB or iPod connections. After I bought my iPhone I was feeling the need to have this connection option. So after procrastinating for a long time I went out recently (on June ‘09) and bought a new Audio system. It was a Pioneer FH-P6050UB double DIN system for Rs.15,750 inclusive of two Sony speakers and installation in two cars (putting the old Alphine system in my other car) from RadioWare House, Wallajah Road, Chennai. I was looking at other options – an Alphine double DIN but that supported only iPod, no USB connection, that would be too restrictive.

iphone usb connectorThe Pioneer one I finally decided on had the USB connection support prominently shown, but for iPod/iPhone, the box said you need a special cable but the seller didn’t know what that cable it is. I took a chance and bought it – it turned out to be fine. The cable was none other than the default USB cable used in iPhone for charging and connection to PC. If you have an iPod/iPhone I highly recommend this system. Excellent Audio quality and nice functionality.

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