This is election time in India so politicians are in limelight, let us talk about them too. Before this global economic meltdown it was fashionable for Indian IT Czars to give suggestions and advice to our politicians and ministers on how to run the country. Recently in an IT event in Chennai, I heard about what the IT industry can learn from Politicians. After all, Indian Democracy is older than the IT industry and Politics is as old as the time the second human (or women) was born in the world.

  1. Politicians always play to their galleries. Politicians are the greatest social people, they ensure they constantly appear in the media – good or bad doesn’t matter. Keeping in touch with your audience is very important.
  2. Politicians ensure they get themselves to the most advantageous position.
  3. Politicians have no un-necessary historic baggage – No EGO & No Emotional attachments. This helps them to undo and redo ideologies/alliances on an ongoing basis.
  4. Politicians always maximize their value. Look at what an MLA/MP/Minister earns during his tenure compared to what he/she invested during the campaigns. Politicians are also the biggest risk takers in that sense, because Elections are events where winner takes all.
  5. Politicians realize and understand their weakness.

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