I am not active into Twittering. Frankly, I didn’t get the idea of it for quite some time after its launch – even after I created a twitter account two years back. But over the last few months I am seeing more buzz around twitter than ever before. For me it is becoming to be an interesting tool as I seeing more use for twitter as a professional business tool. Marketing agencies using it to follow it buzz around their products, business houses using it for networking and so on. Today Microsoft’s PR agency Waggener Edstrom released a tool "twendz" a new tweet-analysis tool. Few months back there was this blog post on the CEOs around the world who are twittering.

With all this around, I dusted my twitter account and have started to use it. Let us see if I do it with some discipline and at least the same frequency I do my blogs (of course tweets are supposed to be quick tiny updates unlike a blog). You can follow me on twitter here.

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  • Ranga

    I was tweeting pretty regularly, but not many people I knew are on Twitter. Now I use Facebook status messages to do what I used to do with Twitter.

    My 2 cents is that Twitter has missed the bus wrt mainstream. Like you said it will probably end up being used to send impersonal (i.e., msgs from businesses) messages.