In the evening today there was a Bollywood play “All the Best” directed by distinguished director “Feroz Khan“. I was hoping it will be in English as my understanding of Hindi is extremely limited, and I will certainly not be able to appreciate a Comedy Play in Hindi. The play did turn out to be in Hindi, but since the play had a mute character there was lot of hand gestures and body language so I could understand it well and was able to have split laughs as well. The appreciation should go to the four excellent actors (Iqbal Azad, Kikoo Sharda, Kranti Redkar and Vikas Kadam) who performed brilliantly on the stage.

All the Best Hindi Play

The play deals with three friends, one blind, the other deaf and third mute, who all fall for the same girl.

If this comes to your town, don’t miss it.

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