There has been lot of releases in the last one year and then Yahoo!… There is a wide range of product + services that will come from Incubation to release from Microsoft including IE 8.0. Microsoft might seem to be doing random releases, so I will give a background on how they are all tied together – first is Advertisement as a revenue engine, second Internet reshaping Microsoft products and Services. Right from day one Internet has been about Content + Community + Commerce which are all innovative & greater user engagement models.

Three principles:

  1. Web is the hub of social, device mash, networking. The concept of one PC is gone, the new world will be a collection of PCs connected by cloud. Your own device mash.
  2. Enterprise, virtualization and commodity hardware (storage grid, computing grid). Utility computing model. All Microsoft software will be refactored for symmetry from enterprise to partner hosted models.
  3. For Developers & Designers, we need to join small pieces to make big items. Loosely coupled composition and cooperated of pieces. Transparency and open standards are important.

Half a Million people worldwide are using Office Live & Dynamics CRMS Live. We also released last Monday, options to run Exchange, Sharepoint, OCS on the cloud. We are also announcing SQL Services Data Services today.

Internet Explorer 8.0

  • CSS 2.1 will have the biggest impact so went for CSS certifications. We have contributed 702 test cases to W3C CSS Test working group in BSD license so that everyone can have the same test cases.
  • Performance has been improved over 2.5 times
  • HTML 5.0 support enables Ajax functions to understand browser back button, support Network Connection event, store data locally
  • Rich Debugging and Developer tools integrated in the browser
  • Activities are in place. They work on OpenService Specification
  • WebSlice (which slices the page and allows me to monitor them and get alerted on changes) specifications under Creative Common License
  • Internet Explorer 8.0 Beta 1 released


  • 1.5+ Million installations per day are installed now
  • Silverlight 2.0 Beta 1 available for download
  • Adaptive Streaming for automatically choose speed of delivery based on network and your CPU. You can plugin any algorithm for this
  • IIS 7.0 Media Pack can help you to serve only 10% (or any other figure) from the point user is watching now with bandwidth throttling
  • John Harris from Expression team showed: Silverlight Advertisement Template makes it easy doing advertisements with Silverlight, Atlas AdManager was shown, IIS 7.0 Media Pack allows Media Playlists which allows you to control how something is skipped or not, Expression Encoder 2.0 allows you to overlay advertisements with text, XAML or Video
  • Ari Paparo VP from DoubleClick talked about how they are supporting Silverlight Overlay ads.
  • Perkins Miller from NBC Sports & Olympics showed for the first time the product. We have 150 days to go. We are going to be putting 2200 hours live.
  • Beta 1 of Silverlight 2.0 is about 4MB download. Partnering with Novell to release this in Linux. And lot of new controls are released
  • AOL showed their new mail client with Silverlight
  • MS Announced Sharepoint webparts for embedding Silverpoint
  • Demoed Silverlight for Windows Mobile 6.0 and promised to bring it out on mobile devices that have a SDK
  • Nokia will deliver Silverlight on Symbian S60 (which is a big win for Silverlight against Adobe Flash in my opinion) first then with S40 phones & Internet tables. Demoed it working in Nokia N95 by WeatherBug
devigner (Developer + Designer)

devigner (Developer + Designer) – Hard Rock demo at Microsoft Mix 2008

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