Does a city need so many FM Radio Stations all playing the same music?. In Chennai there are currently 8 major FM Stations:

  1. All Indian Radio Rainbow
  2. Suryan FM (Sun TV Group)
  3. Radio Mirchi (Times Group)
  4. Big FM (ADAG Group)
  5. Aahaa FM (Kumudam Group)
  6. Radio One (Mid-Day)
  7. Hello FM (Malaimalar Group)
  8. Radio City

The license issued by government prohibits them (other than AIR) from broadcasting NEWS, but that doesn’t mean they can’t play different music. All the above 8 channels (again exception being AIR) play only latest Tamil Film Albums. Each of them has few slots for other types of music but even that is minuscule compared to their overall Tamil Film programming.

Though I don’t listen to Hindi or Telugu film music, I am wondering who will cater to those diaspora living in Chennai or for that matter Tamilians who are interested in Hindi Music. All the channels are same, with similar sounding RJs blabbering, SMS Polls, talk shows, etc. in between the same music collections. Why is there no niche stations playing a different genre of music – say one for old Tamil songs, Carnatic Music, Western classical, Hindustani, Hindi Film Music and the likes.

If you have an idea why this is not happening, I am interested in reading your comments.

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