The last programme of TiECon yesterday was Pitch to VCs, several budding entrepreneurs presented their case for seed capital. I was surprised when I was invited next on stage to present on Vishwak’s story (my good friend and our GM – Manigandan Gopalakrishnan had listed my name without my consent :-)).

Doing an elevator pitch in 5 minutes for Vishwak which has 10 years of experience and achievements is difficult. Hence I decided to be precise, to the point and highlighted them in 6 buckets (headings).

  1. About Vishwak: When was it founded, what we do, number of people and locations
  2. Solutions: That we offer and the need they fulfil in the market
  3. Current Customers
  4. Current Structure and ownership
  5. Future plans for expansion
  6. Why are we bound to succeed?

I was happy with the way I pitched and the fact my message was received well by the audience. Of course, it will be foolhardy to expect a deal from any investor with just a 5-minute pitch :-)

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