I am a fan of Bruce Willis – not so much for his Die-Hard action series, but for his other master performances in movies like The Sixth Sense (where he brings the Night Shyamalan‘s creation into life) and Armageddon. The first time I have watched Bruce Willis on screen (small screen) was in late 80’s TV serials Moonlighting.

Today on the flight from LA to Taipei (14:30 Hour’s journey), after getting some sleep completing all the comedy shows I had to watch some movies to burn the time – so it was Die Hard 4 and Tamil Kreedam (next post). The actions performed by Bruce Willis was just like any other Die Hard movie and were good but not impressive, the story line was pathetic. It was about an ex-government IT security expert turning bad, who tries to shut down all the computer systems in USA including Traffic, Power, etc. Bruce Willis along with a teenage cyber-hacker saves the world. The screen play could certainly have been fresh, it reminded of all many previous Hollywood movies. This post would go for pages if I listed all the goof-ups I noticed, but select few here:

  • Why is that all Hollywood Action movies have their villain operating out of big trucks – is there no other mobile offices available?
  • How come the villain get high-speed connectivity to all places around the USA from the truck – even with satellite dishes you can’t get high-speed
  • You can’t even get a webpage rendered correctly even on 3G with Mobile phones, but it was interesting to see a Nokia 9300 (my previous phone) used for connecting into high-security computers
  • Even on any critical banking back-end applications, the entire architecture is not known to one person. Here the entire countries backup strategy was built and known to one guy
  • How come the teenager effortlessly connects and accesses all computers? How does he know the commands of all systems, understands Power Plants, Nuclear Plants, etc. In practical world, even moving from a Windows PC to Unix Workstations is difficult for best of geeks out there
  • Won’t the government have at least one equally intelligent guy like the villain or at least better than the teenager, surprising!
  • Finally, how on earth can you hit a helicopter with a car :-)
Live free or Die Hard 4

Live free or Die Hard 4

Maybe, I should have not watched the movie.

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