I bought a new car – Honda City GXi early April this year. We all know Honda to be the best car makers’ in the worldwide, Yes, the car is fabulous to drive but their service is pathetic & cold.

After the first month, when I left it for the first service, in the bright sunlight of Chennai I noticed for the first time a colour variance (can you believe this in a Honda car) of one of the rear-doors from rest of the vehicle. On complaining this to the dealer (Sundaram Motor, Chennai) they accused me of painting it with a 3rd party – how attrocious. Later when I complaint on how they can accuse like this, the manager in Sundaram said that is their normal procedure to grill down customer before accepting a warranty problem – what a great customer service.

Coming back to the story, after several faxes to Sundaram, Honda (which no one bothered or acknowledged) they accepted the manufacturing defect. Then after repeated complaints to Honda One2One I got my car back nearly after three weeks of being in service. It took them 3 weeks to do it, since they wanted to find what went wrong in their supply chain up to Japan keeping my car in their service. They re-painted (have you ever heard about a new Honda Car getting painted) that side of doors and gave it back to me. Sundaram or Honda never called me once during the whole episode – not even a courtesy “Sorry”. Even after I repeatedly demanded to One2One that I needed an explanation from Honda on why this happened, no one called me back. It seems they have a policy in One2One that customer can only talk to them, they will reply only through dealers – and they call the program One2One.

Sundaram after all my screaming promised to give one year of extended warranty free (Rs.8500 value) in 2 days – even after 3 weeks now, no sign of it. 

Read my full complaint to Honda One2One. Finally I would like to congratulate Honda for being completely Indianized (for the worse).

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