After spending last week in LA for Microsoft PDC, this whole week I was in Redmond (Microsoft is Headquartered here). I didn’t have any meetings today as all Microsoft Managers were out to MS Company Meet today – Microsoft is 30 now.

My Cousin “Vijay” who lives here, suggested I drive down to Deception Pass. Deception Pass is a beautiful scenic place and a Washington State Park, which is about 80 miles from where I stayed (Bellevue, WA). In the past I have driven in the US only twice – first time with in Bellevue area itself and the second was last week for few miles on the way from LA to Sequoia. Though I have been driving in India for more than a decade, driving in the US is different especially the road rules. In the past whenever I came to US it has always been for short stays and I have avoided driving here.


Yesterday I called up Enterprise Rental, got myself picked up and rented out a Dodge Neon Car. I went with the full insurance package which covered risk upto a million dollars (enough even for US terms). Today morning started around 10:30AM and reached Deception Pass Bridge view point around 12:30PM (520 West, 405 North, I 5 North and finally on SR-20 West). Though I feared, driving was not difficult here; Equipped with a Direction Map from MSN site, I took the correct Exits and turns. I had gone with my colleagues, we spent next few hours at various scenic spots around Deception Pass Bridge and inside the State Park. On our way back to Bellevue, we stopped at Prime Outlet before joining I 5 South. Overall it was a day worth spent, enjoyed it most.

Deception Pass - Venkatarangan TNC and Colleagues

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