Yesterday (June 9th) evening all of us at Tech Ed 2005, had a blast. The park was open only for TechEd Attendees from 7 PM to 11 PM (in fact as the photo below shows we were inside even at 11:15 PM). We didn’t have to pay for anything, everything was free – entry to the park, entry to all the rides, foods at all restaurants, special buffets at many places of the park and more. The wait time for each ride was less than 10-15 minutes. This was by far the best session in Tech Ed 2005 :-)

UNIVERSAL-TechEd2005 6 UNIVERSAL-TechEd2005 5 UNIVERSAL-TechEd2005 4 UNIVERSAL-TechEd2005 1 UNIVERSAL-TechEd2005 2
Overall, we all got a VIP treatment.

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