Immediately after Tsunami I contributed a sum to Tamilnadu Chief Minister’s relief fund. I wanted to donate some for other affected countries; Though in my earlier posts, I have written posted URLs of NGO’s, I wanted to give only to official Government Funds (don’t know why, I just felt so!). Only today I got myself some time to do some search to find the site of “Central Bank of Sri Lanka Tsunami Fund” and donate. Their Credit Card payment didn’t work, so did “Wire Transfer” through my bankers. I also donated some money to WorldVision India, heard from my friends they do a decent job in helping the victims. I searched Google and MSN Search, but couldn’t find the official fund of Indonesian Government, if anyone knows the URL, please post it in the comments section below.

What are you waiting for?. If it is just sluggishness (like me), get over it, reach out to your hearts (and thru’ it to your pockets) and donate to your favourite fund.

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