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Longhorn going to be released in 2006

In the conference yesterday, Microsoft announced Longhorn to be released in calendar year 2006 during . There was also the announcement on WinFX (The new Windows Programming API) Platform which is based on .NET Framework that supports programming Avalon & Indigo. WinFX will be available around Longhorn timeframe for down-level Windows like Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 Operating Systems as well. After nearly a decade the core Windows Programming model will get a major face-lift with WinFX. This will help ISVs who are developing Windows applications to start using the new WinFX to programme for existing and upcoming Windows releases.

I would loved to see the Windows storage subsystem, code-named “WinFS” (Windows File System) released with Longhorn. But now WinFS is going to be only in its beta during “Longhorn” release, so overall it is turning to be good!