Thanks to a suggestion from Sanjay Vyas, I have fixed the problem of Tamil texts not rendering properly in my blog earlier in 2005. Analyzing the problem, I found that my Blog Name which is in Tamil and my blog entry text in Tamil were not rendering properly. The encoding is getting set correctly to “UTF-8” in all browsers. Currently (in 2005) I am using the DasBlog theme in my blog. If I select Just HTML, as my Theme then the texts gets rendered correctly. So it turns out to be a problem with the main CSS that gets applied for DasBlog them. With this, I narrowed the problem to be with the file at “/themes/dasBlog/dasBlog.css”.

Since the problem was with Blog Name and Entry text, I searched for their CSS styles. DasBlog uses .siteName & .itemBodyStyle styles for these.

In the .siteName section, there is a definition letter-spacing: .1em;  I deleted this. Similarly .itemBodyStyle, contained text-align: justify; I deleted this as well. Saved the DasBlog.CSS, refreshed my Mozilla, everything seems to work fine.

Write a comment if the problem still persists with any other browsers that you are using to read my blog.

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