Movie Review

Mystery (2012)

Mystery is a 2012 Chinese Movie directed by Ye Lou. I watched this on the bigger screen in Woodlands Complex. The film (Mystery) starts with a car accident where a young girl dies, then Lu Jie a happily married woman in China discovering that her Husband is cheating on her big time. Though the movie begins like a crime thriller, it quickly turns into a full-fledged relationship one. The untangling of the dual life Lu Jie’s husband makes the movie interesting. Instead of usual hysteric arguments, the film takes you into a realistic emotional ride. The background score is fantastic adding a calm backdrop to the whole movie. The main character Lu Jie is played realistically by the beautiful Chinese Actress Hao Lei.

Apart from the story, I found it interesting to see the urban life and relationships in present-day China. The infrastructure (Roads, Bridges, Schools and Buildings) appear world-class.


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