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29+1 (2017)

29 + 1 (2017) is a Chinese film from Hong Kong about the life of Christy Lam, a 29-year-old working woman who is about to turn 30.

Directed by Kearen Pang, it is an adaptation of Pang’s own one-woman show of the same name. Christy is a successful manager at a reputed marketing firm and is dedicated to the job that she gets the coveted promotion. She has a steady boyfriend for last 7 years but is not ready for moving with him or to get married. She considers her life to be good and values her independence. Suddenly everything starts falling apart – starting with her apartment owner asking her to vacate suddenly. The landlord gets Christy to stay at our niece Wong Tin-lok’s apartment that’s free for next few weeks and that’s when Christy reads the diary of Wong and self-discovery herself on what is important in life.

The Wong’s apartment shown in the film feels cosy and lovely, especially the Eiffel tower on the wall made entirely with pictures of her life was awesome.

Eiffel tower on the wall made entirely with picture memories
Eiffel tower on the wall made entirely with picture memories

Both Chrissie Chau as Christy and Joyce Cheng as Wong were apt casts and have played their respective roles well. Connecting Christy and Wong without their knowledge in the last scene, which was the opening scene also was a fine directorial touch.

29 + 1 is a nice portrayal on the trepidations of a single woman in modern society and what’s important in life – work, friends or family?

Scene from Hong Kong film - 29+1 (2017)
Scene from Hong Kong film – 29+1 (2017)

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