Carry On at Your Convenience (1971) follows the series of “Carry On” films (22nd out of the 31), produced by Peter Rogers and written by Talbot Rothwell. Earlier I had seen the Carry on Doctor (1967) which I liked as it was a fresh style for me. Following the same template, this one certainly feels stale and uninteresting.

Carry On at Your Convenience – The story follows the workers at a British Bathroom fittings manufacturing company W.C.Boggs and Son. There exist a love and hate relationship between the incompetent union leader Vic Spanner and the Foreman Sid Plummer. The management is headed by the owner W.C.Boggs and his son Lewis Boggs. The story tracks each of their love interests as well, including a company picnic in a beach town.

The company wins a big order to supply 1000 bidets to a middle-eastern king, a product Mr W C Boggs opposes to even consider manufacturing but agrees knowing it is GBP 19,000 worth. As soon as the manufacturing starts, the union leader calls for a strike as the new bidet has a design combining the tap and the outlet valve in the same device – which means the tap fitter will be fitting the outlet waste value as well, and the waste fitter will be fitting a tap as well – one man doing two jobs, a violation under union rules of the day. Did it get resolved or the factory gets sold is the story?

While the setting and the cast were fine, the humour falls flat in most places. There was no suspense or anticipation anywhere.

Carry On at Your Convenience (1971)

Carry On at Your Convenience (1971)

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