Unbelievable number of students’ study computer science engineering in Tamil Nadu

I had known from news articles, Tamil Nadu has over 260,000 under-graduate engineering seats each year, many go unfilled too. The neighbouring states of Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh have in the range of 90,000 to 130,000 each. Across India there are about 15 Lakh (1.5 Million) seats but only 50% to 60% get filled-up each year. Only today I learned the split-up for each discipline per batch in two of the large universities in the state. That’s when the scale hit me, they were unbelievable.

The top few private engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu have over three thousand students each in #ComputerScience disciplines (which now have super-specialities like AI) per year. The other disciplines like the Mechanical & Civil have a tenth of this number. I am not implying anything on the quality of education, as I am not aware first-hand, but I am amazed!

When I studied Bachelor of Engineering 24 years ago at a private Engineering College in Chennai, we had a maximum of fifty-students per batch per discipline. A growth of (equalised) two-and-times each year from the base. WOW!

To check out the numbers in each college, just Google “XYZ college number of students”.

Also, look at the below statistic, India has a share of 31.7% students studying STEM disciplines, the USA produces only half of that number, and Germany only 4% of it.

Share of graduates from STEM programs in selected countries in 2018
Share of graduates from STEM programs in selected countries in 2018


  • Harishankar

    Sir I am also an IT student in CEG. Do you have any advice for us sir, please do consider an article guiding us on how to excel in the IT field.

    • venkatarangan

      Thanks for asking, let me try.

      Meanwhile, students life and a college CEG gives you a lot of exposure, utilize them. Participate in the opportunities presented to you like in conferences (virtual in these pandemic times), hackathons and others. Have a good GitHub Profile and share your projects you are working on. Study, even if you don’t understand much right now, the open source projects in GitHub that interests you. Utilize online free resources like EdX/Coursera and others; Azure or AWS or Google Collab environments. Enjoy!

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