When I read about the new Netflix original Bird Box (2018) which was about the entire population committing suicide after seeing mysterious creatures I was sceptical as I don’t enjoy the supernatural or horror genre, still, I watched it through – I was not disappointed neither was I impressed.

Sandra Bullock single-handedly carries the entire film and her brilliant acting keeps us engaged. Where the film falls short is that it offers nothing new. It follows a familiar story of a group of strangers surviving against external threats (normally zombies or ghosts), soon one after the other keeps dying, leaving the protagonist and his/her kids to make it through to safe heaven in the end. Normally, the interpersonal relationship with the survivors in a confinement is what keeps this genre of films engaging, unfortunately in Bird Box, there was too little of it and the characters were unrelatable. Lastly, don’t get me started on the logic gaps in the film.

Sandra Bullock – Bird Box (2018)

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