I heard of Sorry to Bother You (2018) in TWiT podcast – the main “black” protoganist in the film using a “white voice” and a modern day slave boss character being modeled to remind us of Jeff Bezos in a way of highlighting the poor working conditions in Amazon warehouses.

The protoganist “Cash” Green is a struggling African American with his girlfriend trying to earn a living. He gets a job as a tele-caller in a sweat shop with no pay but only commissions for every gullible customer he gets. Meanwhile, the city is taken by storm of a new company “WorryFree” that offers life term boarding, lodging and food in exchange of free labour – a kind of modern day slavery. How Cash’s life intersects with WorryFree is the rest.

The film starts fine with some good humour when Cash is advised by a senior in the job to use his “white” voice to impress potential customers, start a conversation and then land a sale. Once the story moves to WorryFree, it loses its humour and its direction – it struggles its way for the next one hour before doing a soft landing.

Overall, Sorry to Bother You has few interesting scenes but nothing that makes it a good watch.

Lakeith Stanfield  and Tessa Thompson – Sorry to Bother You (2018)

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