I am not able to believe myself. While in Indore this week, I undertook an adventure ride – my first on a zip-line.

A FOAF’s (Friend of a friend) farmhouse which I was lucky to get invited had two zip lines, a shorter distance one for beginners’ to practise and get rid of their fear, and the second was over a longer distance and on top of a running canal below.  Normally, I am terrified by at the idea of adventure sports and rides like Roller Coasters, but today for some strange reason I opted in to try the zip lines here, may be because it was a private property and there were no outside audience to look and mock at me – a grown man being afraid for trying a kids’ ride. 

The first few seconds on the training line went easy, after which when I was hanging mid-air about 30+ feet above ground and travelling fast towards the other end I was terrified, then suddenly I reached the other side in one piece and stopped. Phew! 

Now, I bravely(!) opted for the long line, my friend offered to hold my hand as an added assurance and this time the ride went faster and was absolutely fun. Now that I had two flights under my belt, I went in for a few more times, each time, the experience was more enjoyable than the previous. 

When you get a chance go for a flight on a zipline (Sypline, zip wire), but only after ensuring the place has necessary safety standards in place. 

My first flight on a zip-line

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