Minority Report (1992) is a classic sci-fi that is often quoted when talking about how knowing the future can be dangerous.  Today in this podcast, John Underkoffler, the principal designer of the computer user interfaces shown in the film was talking about the work that went into making them – seeing the film now, only for the futuristic elements in the film was fun.

The story is based on the work by legendary Philip K. Dick, about 3 individuals called “Precogs” who have the ability to see the future – of murders happening in the future, using their special powers, a unit of law enforcement in Washington DC is able to arrest people before they commit the crime. All is going well until the time, the precogs see a murder to be committed by the special unit’s chief Anderton (played by Tom Cruise) who is now forced to go against the very unit he considers super valuable for humanity. The first half-an-hour captivates you with all the new stuff and gadgetry you get to see, the last hour-an-hour is equally interesting with fast action sequences, it is the middle one hour that was dull for me where the screenplay slows and felt like an any other Hollywood action film.

The film is a must-watch just for the futuristic Human-Computer interaction through hand gestures and voice that gets shown and for the vertical transportation vehicles that are used for commuting by the characters. The story throws up a larger question to ponder on where individual freedom ends and law enforcement’s powers should start.

Tom Cruise as Chief John Anderton

Tom Cruise as Chief John Anderton

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