Kills on Wheels aka Tiszta szívvel is a Hungarian film that was exhibited by ICAF today. The film is about three people in wheelchairs due to their health conditions – they get caught between two mafia gangs’ rivalry. The healthcare of Hungary for challenged (disabled) people shown in the film, facilitates them to lead their own lives – impressive.

A young man suffering from a genetic disorder has been ordered by his doctor to go for an expensive surgery, his single mother decides to ask for the money from her ex-husband, but the young man wants to earn the money on his own. Along with his friend suffering from epilepsy, they join with another resident of the rehab centre – he was a fireman before an accident damaged his legs, now he has become a hitman for a gang leader.  The three go about doing tasks for the gang leader – the tasks were to shot the identified rivals – everything seems to be going well, till their own life gets riskier. This plot is told in a comedy style and with warmth and care for challenged people’s condition.

The story is a familiar one, but the treatment and the background of the protagonists make all the difference.

Kills on Wheels (2016) – Tiszta szívvel – Hungarian Film

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