When it comes to not wasting items in the house, my mother is the queen of reuse. She saves the advertisement inserts that come in morning newspapers  – to use them as throwaway coasters of oil bottles while cooking on the stove. She washes and keeps the plastic bottles and cans to use them to send eatables that were cooked in our house to my sisters. Spoons given with takeaway ice-creams are preserved for use in pickle or salt bottles. After we return from shopping, the plastic carry bags become trash can covers for next few days.  She is not stingy, and, doesn’t do these to save money – but because she can’t see items thrown away when they can still be used.

I seem to have picked up this trait from her – but consciously I try not to go overboard with it. Today, I realised this when I noticed what I have been using to keep small currencies in my bedroom drawer. I was reusing the plastic envelope, that had come with Jockey Banyan (Indian English for vest or undershirts). The bag was convenient to use, keeps the notes together and preventing the money from getting wet – all without spending any additional money (pun intended).

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