It was Laagan (2001) that showed Indian cinema on how to produce an interesting movie about a sporting event by having the backdrop of Indian Freedom struggle.  Similarly, this 2009 Tamil film – வெண்ணிலா கபடிகுழு, (then) by debut director Susindran showed that you can take an engaging movie based on a village sporting event. The film proved that a low-budget film with hitherto unknown actors can be successful in box office too. It paved the way for the film career of the Director, the hero Vishnu Vishal and for the comedy actor Soori. 

The story is about 7 friends hailing from a remote village who are poor. They play Kabaddi as a hobby, and they get a lucky break to participate in a state sporting event. By a turn of events, a good coach and perseverance they go to winning the trophy against all odds. In between the games, there is humour like the famous Parotta (Indian Bread) eating scene of Soori, treachery, friendship and one side love.


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